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Dallas County, 1910

Posted by drew - February 2nd, 2012 Comments 1

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Via cwalsh415’s Flickr photo:.

“Charley Calvin Hollis & Ida Bailey Hollis are my husband’s great-grandparents. They married in about 1901. Mabel Celia Hollis Williams is my husband’s maternal grand-mother.

There is a neighbor of theirs, a black woman wearing a white apron, standing at left in the “hall” of the dog trot. Note the animal skins / furs hanging from the dog trot, drying in the sun. Looks like the spoils of the days hunt are being proudly displayed on the picket fence, three squirrels it appears.

This house is still standing today. The original fireplace inside has the date of 1856, I believe, recorded in the mortar. I have photos of this somewhere. The Hollis family was not the original owners of the house, however. They hailed from VanZandt County, TX.

The house was renovated over the years. The dog trot is long gone, but the original timbers can be seen in the attic.”

Bottom row starting from left: William Hollis, b. 1903; Grace Hollis, b. 1906; Truman Hollis, b. abt. 1909, held by his father, Charley Calvin Hollis, b. 1877; bearded man, unknown. Top row: Ida Bailey Hollis, birthdate unknown; Mabel Celia Hollis, b. 1908;

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  1. This is a wonderful picture. I really enjoyed seeing the animals hides drying in the background. Could a copy or scan of this picture be obtained?

    Tom DillardFebruary 3, 2012 @ 3:29 pmReply

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