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The intimidating database, the microfilm, the metadata.

A wide gap exists between professional archivists and those with a passing curiosity for local history. The latter are often inhibited by tools, access, and terminology.

The ‘Arkansaw Traveler’ is an attempt to step into this gap, to un-hide interesting nuggets of Arkansas history. It is for general interest – to spark discussion and sharing, and makes no pretense of being scholarly or academic.

The name? It seemed fitting to borrow the title and musical masthead of a weekly humorist newspaper, founded in 1882 by Opie Read.


Have an interesting old image? Would you like to have it posted on this website? Submit it today.

It is hoped that the “Arkansaw Traveler” can grow to become a community supported endeavor. Not only are submissions encouraged, but posting privileges will be given to those who wish to contribute material frequently.

Learn more about the original “Arkansaw Traveler” newspaper:

Arkansas Traveler

The phrase “Arkansas Traveler” has a unique history of its own:

arkansas traveler